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A humanitarian goal

TR Monde is a humanitarian association involved in projects to help developing countries such as El Salvador, Madagascar, Cameroon, Morocco, Congo, Senegal...

A great motivation

The association is run by engineering students at the Strasbourg School of Water and Environmental Engineering (ENGEES). Throughout their first year, the students mobilise to raise the funds necessary to finance their mission.


A means of raising awareness

The promotion of TR Monde is also a way to raise awareness of the problems of developing countries.

Salvador        Project

In July 2022, 7 students went to Comasagua to help the city design a municipal drinking water system. With the help of our school and the support of different organisations, the students carried out questionnaires on the drinking water network, waste management and the expectations of families (points to be improved) to move the project forward.


The TR-Monde Association


Tanzania        Project        2023

In July 2023, students will travel to Magugu, Tanzania to help build a college. The students will be doing permaculture work which will be used for the canteen of the future pupils and villagers. Together with our partners, the students will be able to greatly advance the project and eventually contribute their knowledge in the fields of environment and drinking water.

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